Arlene K. McGonagle

Baskets have always held a fascination for me and have been an important part of my early life. I grew up on a farm in western Massachusetts where baskets were essential in our harvest routine. What started as a hobby evolved as my basketry skills improved to produce baskets as a profession. Since 1984 I have made and sold many traditional style baskets that are currently in private collections.

Late in my forties, I fulfilled a life long dream of going to art school. In 1994 I entered an MFA program in Fiber Art at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Since graduation my basketry has become far more conceptual with greater emphasis on design concept rather than function and utility.

My latest work forms called "scripted baskets" have evolved into a series on the lessons of life such as joys, sorrows, prayers, meditations and works of inspiration from many authors and eventually from personal journals. The continuation of these baskets combines words and design in a somewhat playful manner.